Website Design & Build – Health & Wellbeing Products – A Case Study

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Let’s take a look at what Anita had to say about her health & wellbeing website design & build from The Green Thread…

Website Design & Build - Health & Wellbeing Products

Website design & build – A peek at Anita’s store front & team sign up page…


Website testimonial for The-Green Thread by Anita Aloe

Anita Ryan-Kelly

Business Owner – Anita Aloe Health and Wellbeing Products

Anita’s Feedback


Tell us a little bit about yourself & what you do…

My name is Anita  I am a business owner who specialises in health and wellness products. I mentor people who are interested in developing their own health and wellness business around an existing proven model called Forever Living Products. I came across Forever Living Products 11 years ago, I love Aloe Vera and with my entrepreneurial mind I felt that I could develop a business and help others by sharing the opportunities that I saw.

How did you hear about The Green Thread?

I had been thinking for ages about developing an online presence. Having asked different people about how they managed their social media and website presence I was recommended 3 different companies, The Green Thread being one. I made contact with Kelly, we had a zoom call, after two calls I felt we could work together as we were of similar mindsets.

How has your website met your expectation?

I love my website, it reflects everything that I wanted in a website and it portrays my own nature and my passion for working with my team.

How do you feel your online image has changed since working with The Green Thread?

My online image is professional and it’s organised because of the structure The Green Thread have put in place. I am proud to be able to share my website with people.

Would you recommend The Green Thread to others?

The Green Thread are professional, great at communicating, deadlines were met within the time plan and during the process I learnt so much from Kelly and Adam – I will be recommending The Green Thread to others.

Anita Aloe Logo Design 1 - Website Design and Build Health and Wellbeing Products
Website Design and Build- Health and Wellbeing Products --Anita Aloe Logo Design 3

Logo designs for Anita  Aloe

The Green Thread - Inspired Digital Marketing

Anita has been running her health & wellbeing business from home for many years. It was an absolute pleasure to create a website that complimented her business and vision for the future perfectly.

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