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Let’s take a look at what Niki had to say about Be At Ease’s new website – from design & branding to completion…

Website design & branding – A peek at Niki’s new homepage…

Niki Hardacre - Be At Ease Counselling - Green Thread Clients

Niki Hardacre

Intergrative Relational Counsellor atBe At Ease Counselling

Niki’s Feedback


Tell us a little bit about yourself & what you do…

I am Niki, founder and counsellor for Be At Ease Counselling. I’ve studied for 5 years to achieve my degree and other qualifications so that I can help others. I also work for the NHS and have done so for the past 20 years.

How did you hear about The Green Thread?

Kelly at The Green Thread is my lovely and caring cousin who I am super proud of for all her achievements and both her and Adam’s commitment to stay true to what they believe in and how they want to live their lives.
When I got to the stage of setting up my business there was no question on who I was going to call (and not because we are family because of their knowledge and creativity).

How were your expectations for your website met?

All my expectations and more were met with my website – the 3 of us just bounced off each other and made it amazing.

How is your digital presence after working with The Green Thread?

I now have confidence to manage my website with The Green Thread’s ongoing support and I have received nothing but impressive comments and feedback.

How was your overall experience with The Green Thread?

Easy, professional, efficient, open minded, creative – overall I really enjoyed working with Kelly and Adam at The Green Thread.

Be At Ease Counselling - Website Design & Branding - Logo Design
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Logo designs for Be At Ease Counselling

The Green Thread - Inspired Digital Marketing

Niki was looking for a clean & visually inspiring website that represented her, her new business & the services she offers. It was really great to create a website that ticked all of the boxes for her & provide her wih something that is easy to use & fits her business vision perfectly.

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