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Social Media Management – A glance at some of Olivia’s ‘new look’ social media channels

Social Media Management Client - The Green Thread

Olivia Stefanino

Author, Speaker, Coach & Creator of The Money Types

Olivia’s Experience

My experience with The Green Thread has in all honesty, been beyond excellent. Kelly is wonderfully organised (and patient!) but also has an enough of an entrepreneurial approach to see the bigger picture, which is really helpful. While I’ve nibbled away at the edges of social media in the past, since working with The Green Thread, I’ve come to see just how much I DIDN’T know – and how much I’d been missing out on.

Are there any issues that have arose that you hadn’t anticipated with social media that came from your expansion with The Green Thread? 

In all honesty, I have discovered how much I DIDN’T know…and Kelly is really helpful when it comes to teaching me (and indeed, she is now teaching the members of my closed FB affiliate group too, as a part of my launch!). She’s even put together some mini-videos for me (and the group) showing us HOW to do things re social media, which has been a wonderful help. And of course, she’s implementing the strategy she and I agreed on from the outset – and making it as easy and TIME SAVING as she can for me. She continues to come up with lots of fabulous ideas – which not only have been really helpful but which JOYFULLY, I can leave her to ACTION too!

How much has your business grown and in what time frame? 

We’re just launching – so it’s hard to say in concrete financial terms at this point.  However, I also know that I would be MONTHS away from being able to launch if Kelly hadn’t been on the team. She is now my social media ‘admin’ and I am ‘sharing her’ with my affiliates – or in other words, she is helping them to implement the strategies for list building etc that WILL bring the money in.  Even before the launch, people have been signing up to my new membership group as a result of her actives, which is very positive!

Without The Green Thread are you able to navigate social media PR on your own? 

While I COULD navigate social media PR on my own with what I’ve learned from Kelly, truly, why would I want to?! Kelly frees up SO much of my time (so that I can focus on my next project: writing my second book!) that it would frankly, be counter-productive to take the reins back from her…and nor would I want to!  Kelly HAS set everything up in such a well-organised fashion that I feel completely in the driving seat. Having said that, I came to realise only this week that FINALLY, I have got the team in place where I can focus on the ‘what’ and ‘why’…and leave her to focus on the ‘how’. Truly – I can’t begin to tell you how good THAT feels!  

Would you recommend The Green Thread?

I’ve already recommended them to several small businesses and will continue to do so.


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Examples of our social media design work for Olivia

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We are delighted to have helped Olivia in growing her online presence.

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