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Hi, I’m Sarah Rugg,

Chief Efficiency Offer at Vi-VA. We offer Virtual Assistant support to Entrepreneurs. We also specialise in supporting Associations and Membership organisations.

I’m a VA Mentor and Co-owner of ‘My VA Business‘, where I help Mums find flexibility and freedom by setting up their own successful VA business. They ditch the commute, loose the corporate BS and spend more time with their family.

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Let’s take a look at what our one hour social media consultancy session did for Sarah…


How Sarah got to know of The Green Thread…

I was introduced to Kelly from The Green Thread through a mutual friend who I’ve known for many years. She had raved about Kelly and Adam transforming her social media strategy.

Shortly after this, I was delighted to win a coaching call with Kelly!

What her main aims & goals were for her social media consultancy call with Kelly…

I was looking for an up to date view on using an ever-expanding selection of social media platforms and to understand which ones would work most effectively for my businesses. I also wanted a steer on how to best achieve our goals through social media, so we weren’t spending time, resource and money unnecessarily.

I also had some very specific questions about social media that I took the opportunity to ask Kelly.

How her expectations were met…

I can’t believe how much we got through in a 1 hour session.

I was blown away by the level of detail we managed to get to in order to leave the call with a strategy that included how we would use existing platforms more effectively (LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter) and also a plan to get us effectively using Instagram and Pinterest with a clear understanding of the do’s and don’ts to ensure maximum engagement.

Would Sarah recommend her experience with The Green Thread?

Absolutely. If we can achieve this in just one hour I can’t wait to see where any future sessions can take our social media campaign and ultimately our business.

I learnt a huge amount of social media for business in this initial short time and walked away with a new strategy.  

Kelly’s Thoughts…

What Sarah does is absolutely fantastic! She is passionate about helping others create more freedom for themselves & to be able to help her with spreading her message across social media is an absolute pleasure – it’s why I love what I do!


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